Chicken Fajita Pizza

Chicken Fajita Pizza Recipe

Preparation time 30 minutes

Cooking time 20 minutes

Servings 4

Ingredients :

Chicken boneless 750 grams

Salt as per taste

Black pepper ground 1 tea spoon

Red chili powder half tea spoon

paprika powder 1/4th tea spoon

crushed red chilies half tea spoon

Cumin powder half tea spoon

ginger and garlic paste 1 table spoon

onion 1 thin sliced

bell papers (red green yellow ) or as you have available.

Mozzarella cheese

cheddar cheese

oregano or basil leaves depends on your taste

American garden Pizza sauce

plain flour (maida) half kg

egg 1

oil 2 table spoon / butter

instant yeast 1 tea spoon

milk powder or fresh milk half cup

sugar 2 table spoon .

Water ( Luke warm )



Take a large bowl put plain flour (maida) in it add all dry ingredients salt, yeast, milk powder, sugar mix well then add egg, oil crumble all then add little amount of Luke warm water knead nicely and make it a soft dough. When the dough is prepared shift the dough in another greased bowl. Once again spray oil on the top of the dough cover it with cling then let it rest for 1 or 2 hours. It will be rise and double in its size. just like that



  1. Heat the pan add oil in it add chicken cubes fry until its change there color in brown then add ginger and garlic paste , salt , black pepper powder , cumin powder ,red chili powder and paprika powder.Keep sauteed cover with lid for 4 ,5 mins maximum or until chicken is fully cooked.
  2. In other side cut onions and bell peppers in thin sliced shaped. bell pepper also on round shaped.

Making pizza preparation:

When the dough is rise and double in its size take it out knead few minutes more then make equal medium sized balls . After that in a clean surface sprinkle some plain flour (maida) dust or with the help of rolling pin make round shape 12 inch pizza base .

In other side set baking trays greas with oil

put the dough directly in baking tray set with hands then with the help of fork make some small holes all over the dough. like that


Now what you all need to do spread pizza sauce in it as much as you like sprinkle some onions and bell pepper some mozzarella cheese then fajita chicken add some cheddar cheese  more cheese on the top of the pizza set some olives if you like i m using black olives here some more mozzarella lots n lots of mozzarella just  because of i m cheese lover … set some green round shaped cuts bell pepper sprinkle some crushed red chilies and oregano (it’s totally optional)



pizza is ready to go on oven. whom already Pre-heated at 200c for 25 mins.

note : every oven has there own setting you knows better whats your oven setting so pre-heat oven as per direction of your oven.

ok now set the tray in oven and wait 15 to 20 mins approx for yummy mouth licking pizza .​


Its ready turns out yummy pizza must try it and enjoy it. Chicken Fajtia pizza