Greenpeas Pulao (Matar Pulao) Receipe

Green peas Pulao (Matar Pulao) Receipe

Preparation time :10 mins

cooking time : 30 mins

servings :4

  1. Basmati rice : 1 kg
  2. Green peas :1 kg (fresh or frozen)
  3. Onions :2 thin sliced 
  4. tomatoes :2 thin sliced
  5. Yogurt :1 cup
  6. Green chilies :4 to 5
  7. red chili powder : 1 tea spoon
  8. salt
  9. ginger and garlic paste :2 table spoons (heaped )
  10. Whole spices : black pepper corns , cumin seeds , green cardamoms, black cardamoms , cloves .
  11. Oil :1 and half cup

Preparation Step by Step:

​Wash rice 3 to 4 times then soaked for 30 minutes.


Heat the pot add 2 cups of oil add 3 thin sliced onions in it  and saute turn the flame high.

When the onions are changed there color into transparent form add 2 table spoons (heaped ) ginger and garlic paste stir when ginger and garlic turns their color in brown.add whole spices black cardamoms , green cardamoms , cumin seeds ,cloves , black peeper corns and saute for a minute .

Then add red chili powder 1 tea spoon and 2 thin sliced tomatoes.

Keep stirring until tomatoes becomes soft and oil is separate from masala.

Add green peas

​Add salt 1 tea spoon.

​Add one cup yogurt.

Mix nice.

​Add 3 cups of water cover with lid and let it simmer for 10 mins in low to medium heat.

When peas are Soften . Add soaked basmati rice.

Add some green chilies.

​When water of rice starts boiling check salt . As i always mention my posts salt must be little more in rice gravy then it will be set in your rice. when the water of rice is absorbed  cover them with lid and let it Neal (Dum) for 10 mins.


Green peas pulao is ready. Served with raita cachumber salad or chatni.

if you like my reciepe please leave a comment and if you have any confusion let me know i will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. 🙂