Quick Kulfa

BREAD 5 to 6 pieces (shred and soak in milk )
Heavy cream : 1 packet
Sweetend condensed milk : 1 tin
Green cardamon powder (1 tea spoon )
Rose water ( 1 tea spoon if you don’t have rose water you can use also kewra assence half tea spoon )
Pistachios :roughly ground
Almonds : roughly ground

Take a blender put all above ingredients in it except almonds and pistachios . Blend well and make a creamy thick yummmmy mixture.  After that take a tin loaf / plastic container offcourse it’s totally up to you what available you have. I use tin loaf in a tin loaf sprinkle pistachios and almonds then pour creamy yummy qulfa mixture then cover it in a cling rap.  Covered perfectly make sure do not enter air in it. Freez 8 to 10 hours. After its perfectly set what you all need to do dip your container base in a warm water after 2 to 3 mins it’s starts melting get out of it and flip in a serving dish. Sprinkle some more pistachios and almonds on the top of the qulfa.
IF you want your qulfa is more creamy yummy or u know more delicious in flavour so after 4 to 5 hours out qulfa mixture in a freezer mix again then again set in a freezer for 8 to 10 hours . Your yummiest most easy quick qulfa is ready to serve.

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