Spaghittes with White sauce


spaghettis : 1 packet
Chicken bonless : 500 gms
Butter : 1 stick
Milk : 1/4 cup
Heavy cream : 1 packet
Cheddar cheese OR cream cheese
Parmeson cheese OR mozzarella cheese
Black pepper ground
Chilli flakes
Garlic powder
Garlic minced
Oregano OR dried parsley
Basil leaves


In a heavy bottom pot add a good amount of water.turn on the heat .in a water add half tea spoon salt and 6 to 7 table spoon oil.after water starts boiling add spaghettis in it and cook till spaghettis will be done. After spaghettis done drain out the access water. And rinse with the cold water .After that add little amount of oil in it .mix well with the oil. because if you don’t add oil in it spaghettis will becomes soggy.

Note : in a spaghettis packets always mention there boiling time so you can check first then boiled the spaghettis.


  In a pan add 3 to 4 table spoon oil then add garlic minced in it sauté well then add chicken juliens in it mix well until chicken colour goes nice brown. After that add 1 tea spoon salt or (as per your taste ) and black pepper ground 1 table spoon. Give it a good mix . When chicken is cooked turn off the heat and take a side.


IN a pot add butter stick when it’s melts add puck heavy cream in it whisk well and add 1/4 cup milk ,garlic ppwder ,Cheddar cheese , salt , chilli flakes , black pepper ground , dried parsley, basil leaves  , mozzarella cheese . Whisk well until your sauce becomes thick.

NOTE : if you don’t have Cheddar cheese you can also use cream cheese on your sauce. I like Cheddar cheese taste most so I use Cheddar cheese on this recipe. again if you don’t have mozzarella cheese you can use Parmeson cheese . Or its also depends on your taste too so which cheese  you love the most you can add on your sauce.

PRESENTATION  :  IN a plate put the spaghettis first then pour the white sauce mixture on it. then add chicken on the top. sprinkle some basil leaves or pour the sauce more.

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